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Not able to start my entrance test

I was waiting and when the time came the site was continuously reloading and due to which I was not able to give my entrance test. My network speed is 10mbps but still i don't know why it was not even able to open the site. What should i do now for my CUET

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iam unable to get the link for my mock test pl send me the link to enable to atten the entrance test tommorrow 

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hi did you guys write the test or is it still pending?

even i had the same problem and couldnt attend it and still did nit receive any mail from christ. i hope they keep the test again. 

pls reply if u can. i am really worried.

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Hii. I havent received any email from CHRIST UNIVERSITY to start my entrance exam which was scheduled at 11:30 and its already 11;40 right now. I hope they will keep the test again.

Please reply. I am really worried about it.

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I did not get the link for my mock test . kindly send the link as soon as possible so that i can give my entrance exam smoothly tomorrow

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Hii.. i was trying to open the site at the scheduled time but the site did not open, due to which i am not able to give my test. What should i do for my CUET now

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I don't know, It's so irresponsible of Mettl. They asked me to restart my laptop and when I did. It showed " The candidate has already completed the test" . I just did one question! And Now they say that try contacting The university. I don't know what to do. I am worried, My Interview went so well.

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yes i know. i couldnt even open the link. it showed that its still loading. and now they sent a mail saying i have to contact christ university. and even they didnt send any mail. im really worried

Are we the only ones who didnt write? did many people do the test?

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I could not open the link it was asking for some invitation key .I tried all the methods but it didn't open...

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The website did not load my test and kept having issues with conecctivity from the website's side. 

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