What is remote proctoring?

What is remote proctoring?

Remote Proctoring is the process to monitor (manually or via Artificial Intelligence) a candidate remotely and to ensure that he/she is not involved in any unfair/cheating practice while attempting the test. This happens while the candidate is attempting an online test on a computer/laptop which has a webcam and microphone.

To take an online proctored test from a remote location, candidates need:

  1. A suitable device (Desktop PC/Laptop) with a functional webcam and a mic.
  2. Internet connection with at least 512kbps speed.
  3. Latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
Mettl's platform allows you to perform proctoring in the following 3 ways:

Live Manual Proctoring

The candidate can be monitored  by a remote proctor in real-time by viewing:
  1. Live Video Feed
  2. Test Screen
  3. Chat window
Also, if desired at any time, proctor can pause or end the candidate's test.

Record and Review

Test administrators can have the access to entire video recording of duration where the candidate is attempting the test. This recorded video can then be reviewed to see if candidate was involved in any unfair means. These recorded videos can be  played back in a fast-forwarded way (3X to 20X speed).

Auto Proctoring

Automated proctoring is the most advanced form of proctoring.  Mettl's AI powered system monitors the live feed of candidates and looks & highlights any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics. These can be
  1. Looking away from test screen
  2. Candidate not present
  3. Presence of an additional person
  4. Use of a mobile phone