Waiting Room in Slotting Guidelines

Waiting Room in Slotting Guidelines

Mercer Mettl introduced a concept Waiting Room, defining by when the test takers must log in to access tests. This feature is now available in the CertiCheck app, utilizing the Slotting functionality. In the following sections, we will outline how to leverage this feature and the necessary guidelines to follow. 

How to Create Slots? 

  1. To create a waiting room, you need to navigate to the Slotting tab from the top navigation bar.  

     2. If there are no slots on this page, select the time-zone from the dropdown at the bottom of screen. 

     3.   Click on Add Slot Window to create a new slot. 

     4.    In this window, you need to enter the following details: 

Slot Name 
Used as unique identifier to track candidate assignments for a slot. 
Slot Capacity
By default, it is set as No Limit. However, you can click it to enter a specific limit 
Waiting Room Checkbox
It enables you to set Reporting Set and Reporting End time for a particular slot    
End test at Slot End time
This setting is only visible if Waiting room is selected. It will forcefully end test at Slot End time 
Slot Schedule
Define date ranges when the slots will be available. 
Define time ranges on the selected dates within a slot
Add Slot
You can use this capability to add multiple intervals in the same slot. This capability, however, will be unavailable if you have selected Waiting Room 

1. Once slots are created, the Reporting Start and End time cannot be edited for now.   
2. Guidelines for creating slots with the Waiting Room are defined in the next section.

Example of Slot Creation without waiting room
Example of Slot Creation with Waiting Room

Guidelines for Waiting Room on Slot Creation

Waiting Room in Slots 

Waiting Room setting is applicable for both Private and Open for All domains. Following guidelines will help you create a slot with waiting room:

S. No
For waiting room, these parameters are single date and time interval. To solve the use case of multiple intervals, multiple such slots must be created. 
Slot End Time
Slot End time should be changed first and then Slot Start Time 
Slot Start Time (T1)
Ensure that it is 1 hour ahead of the current time, preferably 1 hour 30 mins ahead. 
Reporting Start Time (T2)
A. Range can be T1 – 45 mins to T1-15 mins.  
B. Default is T-15 mins. 
C. Select values from a 5-minute increment dropdown.  
D. Manual editing will reset to the default time T1 – 15 mins. 
Reporting End Time (T3)
A. Range can be T2 + 10 mins to T1 + 30 mins.  
B. Waiting Room must be at-least 10 mins long. 
C. Default is T1 + 30 mins. 
D. Select values from a 5-minute increment dropdown 
End Test at Slot End Time
This setting must be de-selected if the sections in test are timed 

End Test at Slot End Time

Objective: This setting enforces test takers to conclude the test at a specified time. 

      1.   It is not applicable if individual sections are timed during Test creation.  
      2.   CertiCheck behaves similarly. This setting is disabled by default during slot creation.  
      3.   Check if sections in Mercer Mettl are timed. If yes, then this setting should be de-selected. 

However, if the sections are timed and End test at Slot End time is enabled for a slot, in such cases, test takers will get an error message selecting such slots. They must reselect another slot. 

Post Slot Creation

Once the slots are created, the test takers assigned to a test can select these slots from their portal. To download the list of test takers mapped to a single slot, you can click the prospective slot and the Details button to download Excel. 

Field in Excel
Slot From Date
Slot Start Date
Slot From Time
Slot Start Time
Reporting Start Time
Reporting Start Time
Slot To Date
Slot End Date
Slot To Time
Slot End Time
Reporting End Time
Reporting End Time
Name of The Test Taker
Email of The Test Taker
Certification Name
Test Name
Schedule Key created for the test
Booking Date
Date when the slot was assigned
Booking Time
Time when the slot was assigned
Booking Timezone
Time zone when the slot was assigned
Other Candidate Registration Fields of the Test Taker