View & Share Interview Report

View & Share Interview Report

This article intends to help users view and share the result of a candidate after their interview has taken place. 

To view and share the candidate result, follow the below-mentioned steps:  

1. Login to your Mercer | Mettl account and select the option Interviews from the More Apps dropdown as shown below.

2. On clicking upon Interviews, you will be redirected to the Interviews dashboard.
You will be able to see all the candidates whose interviews are/were scheduled on the Interviews dashboard.  

Note: The result will be visible only for those candidates whose interview has already taken place i.e., whose interview status is shown as either Evaluated or Awaiting feedback on the Interviews dashboard. 

3. Click on the View Report button under the Action(s) column right beside the candidate whose interview report you want to view.

By clicking on the button, Candidate’s interview report will be opened in a new tab where you can view several details about the candidate and the interview session, such as the interview duration, the overall summary and competency-wise feedback etc.  

4. Clicking on the Share Report button under the Action(s) column will open a pop-up with the link to the interview report which can be copied and shared with other stakeholders to access the candidate’s report.