System Requirements for Interviews

System Requirements for Interviews

With the following basic system requirements, you can ensure that you launch Mercer | Mettl Interviews on your system without any difficulty.

Recommended Bandwidth : >=3 Mbps

1. Operating System:
Windows and macOS

2. Hardware Requirements:
Microphone and Camera

3. Supported Browsers: 
Chrome and Edge with Camera and Microphone permissions enabled.

4. Browser Settings: 
Once you have the latest supported browser versions, you will be able to easily start the Interview. However, in rare cases if you encounter difficulty in starting the interview due to pop-up blocker settings, follow these steps to resolve the issue:   
1.    Use the “allow once/always” pop-up function in your browser settings to allow the window to open.
2.    Optionally, you may disable the pop-up blocker for the duration of the interview. Here is how you can do it:

For Google Chrome: Go to 'chrome://settings/' -> Click on 'Show advanced settings' -> Under 'Privacy and Security,' click on 'Settings' > Privacy and security > Site settings > Pop-ups and Redirects > toggle 'Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects' to allow site pop-ups.
For Microsoft Edge: Go to 'edge://settings/content/popups' -> Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Pop-ups and Redirects -> Disable 'Block.'

After performing the above steps, please restart the browser.

5. Network Requirements for Interviews
To ensure smooth and efficient operation during interviews on our platform, it's essential to have a minimum network bandwidth of at least 3 Mbps. 
It is strongly recommended to utilize a high-speed, stable Wi-Fi connection. The use of a mobile data hotspot is discouraged as it may hinder the functioning of the interview session and hence hamper the overall experience. 

You can assess your network speed by visiting the following websites: 

If your network speed exceeds the recommended threshold, you should not encounter any issues during the interview.

6. Firewall Requirements for Interviews 
To ensure the uninterrupted functioning of Interviews, the firewall must be configured to allow requests from the following.  

Grant necessary firewall permissions to allow all requests from all subdomains of the following: 
1. *
2. *
3. *
5. *
6. *
7. *

7. Things to remember:

Browser Cache Settings:
  1. It is always advisable to clear browser cache/cookies before starting any interview. For most browsers, pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE” and selecting Clear Cache (for Firefox and Chrome) helps you clear cookies.
  2. In case you still face issues with loading the interview, shut down the system directly using the power button and then clear the cache again.

System Updates:
  1. It is recommended to disable the security patches, antivirus definitions updates, and application updates (manually) during the interview to avoid any interference while participating in the interview.  You can disable automatic system updates for the duration of the interview as they may lead to heavy downloads during the interview and auto-system restart will hamper your interview progress.
  2. To disable System Auto-updates, follow the below steps:
    1. For Windows, go to 'Start' -> 'Run' -> Type 'Services.msc' and stop the 'Automatic Updates' service.
    2. If you encounter a prompt stating that 'Ports 1987 and 1988 have been blocked,' please contact your network administrator to assist you with system permissions.