Sharing assessments within Teams

Sharing assessments within Teams

You might be aware of the account hierarchy functionality of Mettl's platform. If not, click here to know more. In the information below, you can understand how you can share assessments within the multiple sub-accounts(teams) created by you.

Assessments created in any of the sub-accounts associated can be shared with the associated child accounts (sub-accounts) and with the admin account. However, Mettl PBT's (Pre-built test) added in the account can not be shared within the teams

To share an assessment, you'll have to click on the share icon on the test tile(as shown in the image below)

When an assessment is shared:
  1. Only the blueprint and settings of the assessment get copied.
  2. Assessment cannot be edited. by the team shared it is shared with.
  3. Registration Fields(CRF's) of the assessment that is being shared also gets copied(irrespective of whether that CRF exists in the account of that team. They become part of the account global CRFs. 
  4. The assessment shared from the admin account with a team cannot be edited or duplicated in the same account into which it has been shared.
  5. Assessment cannot be shared with other teams from the account it is shared with
 Please find below a detailed GIF explaining the process of assessment sharing

Who can share an assessment?

Either the admin of the account or a user who has been explicitly given rights of assessment sharing(shown in the image below) can share the assessments with sub-accounts or the admin account