Send Reminder Email To The Test Takers

Send Reminder Email To The Test Takers

The main objective of this feature is to facilitate us to send reminder emails to the test takers who were invited to take the test but have not even registered for the test. 

On the “My Tests” page, click on the “Test Takers”.


Any test taker in the “Yet to Start” status on the results page, can be sent a reminder. The maximum limit is 4. That means any test taker can be sent 4 reminder emails at the most with one invitation email already sent.

Note: Even if the reminder email is not delivered/bounced, it would still be counted as an attempt.

Click on the 3 dots in front of the desired test taker’s name and then click “Send Reminders”

In case there are multiple test takers, we can select them using the checkbox in front of their names and the option to send reminders appears.

We must mandatorily send a test email before sending the actual reminders. The email template is customizable. Post this, we can save the template at its individual test link level or directly send without saving the template.


Log history of reminders sent would also be available to keep track of which invited test taker has been sent how many reminder emails.

To access this, we can click on the highlighted section in front of the test taker’s name as shown below:


The following details are then shown for the selected candidate(s). 

The excel download also has details related to reminders sent.