Enable SecureProctor LTI in D2L

Enable SecureProctor LTI in D2L

D2L's Brightspace LMS has transformed the way millions of people learn online and in the classroom Brightspace LMS enables organizations to provide a more engaging experience for their learners. Users can create personalized learning paths and custom content, communicate with other learners and track training programs.

This article explains how you can enable SecureProctor on a Quiz inside a Course on D2L's Brightspace LMS.


Install th SecureProctor Chrome extension  on your browser.
Reach out to your Account Manager for the LTI keys specific to your account.

SecureProctor Terminology

  1. Group Name : In SecureProctor, the group name is the group under which candidates registered under a course on LMS are registered on SecureProctor.
    In other words, after integration, course name and Quiz name on LMS is the Group name on SecureProctor.

  2. User ID : User ID is used to uniquely identify a candidate, on SecureProctor. After integration, the Email ID of the candidate on LMS becomes User ID on SecureProctor.

  3. Public key : Public key of the client's account on SecureProctor

  4. Private key : Private key of the client’s account on SecureProctor

Setting up the SecureProctor tool

To set up the SecureProctor tool follow the following steps:
  1. Login to your D2L LMS
  2. Click on the “External Learning tools(LTI)” option.

  3. Click on New Link button and enter the following required information:
    1. Title: Name of the tool
    2. URL: https://lti-mpaas.mettl.com/lti/login
    3. Select the Visibility Option-Allow users to view this link.
    4. In Key/Secret, select the following settings:

    5. Key: Public key
    6. Secret: Private key
    7. From Security Settings select all the Settings as follows:

    8. If you want to make this tool available in all the courses, click on “Add Org Units” and select the “All Descendent” option and click on “Insert”. Else you can also select the courses 1 by 1 to add the tool in them.

    9. Click on Save and Close.
Now your SecureProctor tool is ready to be used.

Setting up the SecureProctor tool inside the Quiz of a Course

Enabling the LTI tool in a Course

  1. Go to the Content section
    Note: Make sure you have turned on the New Content Experience.
  2. Create a New Unit inside the Content section of the course.

  3.  After the unit has been created, click “Add Existing”
  4. Select the “External Tool Activity” Option

  5. From the menu, select the tool you had created in the previous step.

The tool is now ready to be used, upon clicking on the tool.

Logging into the SecureProctor Chrome Extension

To login into  SecureProctor Chrome Extension, the instructor simply needs to click on the SecureProctor tool added into the course, and they will be auto logged into it.  

Not Logged in state:

Logged in State:


You can also view the reports for the Quizzes present in the Unit, by clicking on the “SecureProctor Reports” button.


To go back to the Quizzes and Units, you can click on “Close”.

Setting up SecureProctor in a Quiz:

Once you are successfully logged in, go to the quiz settings to enable the Proctoring settings and follow the following steps:

  1. As soon as you go the quiz settings, you will find the SecureProctor toggle switch, which can be used to enable the SecureProctor.
  1. Once this toggle is enabled, sub-settings are shown to enable an extra layer of security to the quiz
    Depending on the requirements and stake of the quiz, the client can choose the proctoring settings.
    As soon as, SecureProctor toggle switch is turned on, SecureProctor Chrome Extension link is added into the Quiz Description.
  1. Once, you have selected the SecureProctor settings, click on “Save SecureProctor Settings” buton.

Proctoring capabilities

  1. Capture Candidate Screen: Setting to capture test taker's screen in form of screenshots at regular interval. Images are attached in the report.
  2. a) Store Recorded Video: Setting to capture test taker's screen in form of video for the whole duration of the test. Video is attached in the report.
    b) Enable Audio Proctoring: Setting to capture speech/audio in the test environment. The reocrding is analysed for no of speakers, duration of their speech and their individual speech notes. Analysis is included in report. 
  3. Candidate Authorisation: Setting to enable manual authorization, if this setting is passed as true, then-candidate will have to undergo manual authorization.
  4. Full Screen Mode: Setting to enable the test window in full screen to disable multi window cheating scienarios.
  5. Navigation Control: Proctoring setting to enable test taker lockdown mode. 
  6. Restrict Chrome Extensions: Proctoring setting to disable all Chrome Extensions installed on a candidate machine, except the Mettl Chrome Extensions, for the duration of the exam. The Chrome Extensions get re-enabled after the Quiz gets over.

Quiz Restriction Settings

  1. Once SecureProctor settings have been saved, move to the Restriction page, to save the password for the Quiz.
  1. Set a password for the quiz as per your requirement.

    This setting is made a prerequisite for the Quiz if SecureProctor is enabled, as it makes sure candidates are not able to launch the quiz without proctoring.

  2. Once the settings are marked, and the password is set, click on Save and Close. Now the quiz is proctoring enabled.
You have now successfully enabled Proctoring on a Quiz on D2L BrightSpace.