Restriction on Coding Langauge

Restriction on Coding Langauge

In the code snippet questions(which are language agnostic), you may restrict the candidate to chose a coding language from a limited/defined list of languages only. This may depend upon the job-role or vertical you are hiring for. To enable this feature, please log into your account and while creating an assessment, follow the below steps(as shown in the images)
  1. Click on "Advanced Options" and then click on "Coding Question Settings" button given on assessment composition page.

  1. Select the last option "Restrict Languages in Coding"

  1. Select the required languages from list and then click on Apply

Now candidates will only see the languages fixed by the admin.

Please Note: If the selected languages are not available in the question, then the candidate will get the option to choose from all the available languages and same will be highlighted in the candidate's individual report.

Version Update of R language to 3.4 and added New Libraries: 

Mettl’s coding simulator has been updated for clients to test candidates on newer R libraries. We have updated the version to 3.4 (from 3.0 earlier) and now support additional 24 libraries in sync with the recent development in R language.