Reschedule an Interview

Reschedule an Interview

This article intends to help users reschedule an interview scheduled between their candidate and interviewer(s).  

To get started with the rescheduling of an interview, follow the below-mentioned steps:  

1. Login to your Mercer | Mettl account and select the option Interviews from the More Apps dropdown as shown below.   

2. On clicking upon Interviews, you will be redirected to the Interviews dashboard.  

You will be able to see all the candidates whose interviews are/were scheduled on the Interviews dashboard.  
Click on the reschedule button under the Action(s) column right beside the candidate whose interview you want to reschedule as shown below. 

3. After clicking upon the reschedule button, a Reschedule Interview pop up will appear where you will have to fill in details such as date, start time, and duration, and select the required time zone.  

4. After you are done filling in the reschedule details, you can choose to custome the interview reschedule email that will be sent to the candidate as well as the interviewer(s) by clicking on the Configure Email Template button. 

5. After clicking upon the Configure Email Template button, a side-panel will appear where you can configure the email template for the candidate as well as the interviewer(s).  
You can make use of the editor menu on top to add specific formatting in the email such as inserting images, tables, etc. After this, you may click on the Confirm Email Template button to proceed.  
6. Once you are done setting up and configuring the email template, you can either click on the Schedule and Send Emails button if you wish to notify and send invitations to your participants, or else you can click on Schedule Without Sending Emails to conclude the interview rescheduling process.