QR Scan feature

QR Scan feature

1.How to start a test with QR Scanner 

1.After the system compatibility check, the candidate must scan the QR code.  
Note: Candidate can scan the QR code from a QR code (inbuilt app in phone) or through any QR code application. 

2.When the candidate scans the QR code from phone. The candidate will be redirected to tests.mettl.com. Before proceeding, the candidate must read the instructions thoroughly, click on the check box ‘I have read the above instructions’. Now the candidate must capture any ‘sample image’ for system compatibility check.  

2.One sample image is uploaded, then the QR Scan is completed successfully.  

2. How to use QR Scan while attempting a test  

 1. While attempting a test, this is how the option will be shown to ‘upload the QR scan from phone’.  

 2. When you select ‘upload from phone (QR)’. You will be redirected to a different page with a QR Scan code.  

3.Once you have uploaded the answer image, this is how it will look like. You can also preview the doc, once you have uploaded it.  

3. Compatibility with the QR Scan feature  

Following mobile OS and web browsers are recommended by Mettl to be used for tests requiring QR scan during a test:

Mobile OS

Supported Mobile Browsers

Recommended QR scanning Apps


Google Chrome (and)

Mozilla Firefox

Mettl QR Scanner, Google Lens


Safari. iOS v11 and above are supported.

Default QR scanner

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I’m getting the error message of “Browser not supported”.

Ans: Please ensure that you are using either of the above mentioned browsers ONLY. You may need to update your browser application to the latest version.

Q. I’m getting the error message of “Camera permissions not found”.

Ans: Please ensure that your QR scanning application and the mobile browser have the permissions to access the camera of your smartphone. You may provide the permission as follows:

Solution 1:

Whenever any application is supposed to use the camera it would ask for the camera permission as follows. Allow the requested permissions and proceed.

Solution 2: 

For Android smartphones:

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings app .

  2. Tap Apps & notifications.

  3. Tap the mobile browser you wish to use.

  4. Tap Permissions.

  5. Choose Camera permissions.


For iOS smartphones:

  1. Open Settings in your device.

  2. Scroll down and tap the mobile application you wish to use.

  3. Toggle the slider of camera permissions to the right.

Q. Can I use any other QR scanning application as well?

Ans. Absolutely yes. The QR scanning applications mentioned above are just our recommendations. You may use any other application as well you find suitable.

Q. I’m shown the message “QR has expired”. What should I do?

Ans. You can generate a new QR code from your desktop device by clicking on “Generate New QR Code” and proceed. Please ensure that you initiate the upload of the captured image before the QR expires.

Q. I’m shown the message “Uploading Failed” on my mobile. What should I do?

Ans. You may try the following before reaching out to Mettl support:

  • Check your internet connection. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

  • Clear the cache of your smartphone’s browser.

  • Ensure that the QR code scanned by you is not used to upload any file earlier.