Proctoring Guide

Proctoring Guide

Mettl platform enables a remote proctor/authorizer to perform the following activities while proctoring/authorizing. A new persona has been added in the Proctoring ecosystem - Super Proctor (existing persons - Proctor, Authorizer). 
Super Proctor provides end-client visibility into a live proctored drive. They can supervise the drive and ensure that the proctoring is being done efficiently. This provides them a comfort that the examination process was not compromised.

A typical drive would have multiple Proctors (either Mettl or clients’) and a few Super Proctors (usually from the client’s end)

Key functionalities available to Super Proctor

  1. Authorizing
    1. View candidate registration details
    2. Allow/Disallow candidates
    3. Ask the candidates to resubmit test registration details.
    4. Chat with the candidates
  2. Proctoring
    1. View live feed
    2. View candidate test screen grabs
    3. Pause/UN-pause candidates test
    4. End candidates test
    5. Chat with candidate
In this article, you will learn to perform the above actions in detail. To start, please login into your account.

A. Selection of Tests

  1. Click on the live feed button(in your account) to begin with.(as shown in the image below)

  2. In the page that appears, you'll be shown the list of assessments available in your accounts, and the number of candidates currently waiting to give/giving test in each of them.
  3. Select the assessments that you want to proctor or authorize for. and click on the "Live Feed" or "Authorize" button   

B. Authorization

Usually, the first step towards monitoring the candidate is to first authorize him/her to start the test. When you select the assessments to authorize, you would start seeing the all the candidates who are currently waiting to be authorized.

For every candidate that you see, you will see the following window( the UI of window can be switched using "Switch View" toggle, as shown in the image below). In the window, you will also see the registration fields of the candidate along with the live clicked photo and ID card photo.


To authorize a candidate, you can perform various action using the various buttons available on the authorization window.
  1. Check the details which are provided by the candidate
  2. Ask the candidate to resubmit the details in case the provided details are not clear or do not match with your records
  3. See the resubmit history i.e. how many times the candidate has been asked to resubmit the details
  4. Live text chat with the candidate
  5. Allow the candidate
  6. Block the candidate from further appearing the authorization queue
  7. Live text chat with the candidate
  8. Allow the candidate
  9. Block the candidate from further appearing the authorization queue

C. Proctoring

All the allowed (authorized) candidates can be proctored in "Live Feed" page.

Dashboard Overview

Summary Pane

Provides a view to the number of candidates in the drive and their current state - Online, Paused, Disconnected, Unallocated. (Online / Paused / Disconnected count is shown for Allocated Candidates only). Candidate count data is refreshed every 30sec.

Proctor Details & Selection

Proctor List

List of proctors in a drive. Details shown each proctor -  Name, Email id, Count of allocated candidates, Count of maximum allocation, Number of Disconnected Candidates.

Proctor Selection

Super Proctor can select multiple proctors at a time. The system will allow Super Proctors to select Proctors till the maximum possible candidates for the selection is <= 200. E.g. if Proctor-Candidate allocation ratio is 1:50, then a Super Proctor can select only 4 Proctors at a time.

Candidates allocated to the selected proctors (except disconnected candidates) are loaded in the Super Proctor’s classroom view.  The classroom view behaves exactly as it does today for a Proctor in “My Candidate” view.

D, Enhancements Super Proctor’s Class Room View

Proctor’s name is visible on Candidate Card for quick reference

Proctor’s name is visible inside Candidate Pane

Clicking on one candidate tile, opens up the live feed of the candidate from this tile, you can
  1. Pause and end the candidate test if needed.
  2. Chat with the candidate.
  3. See candidate live feed
  4. Playback candidate’s live feed recording.
  5. See the candidate test screen.
  6. View auto-generated system warnings for candidate violations