Mercer | Mettl - MPaaS Integration with Canvas

Enable MPaaS LTI in Canvas

Canvas is a web-based learning management system, or LMS. It is used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement.

This article explains how you can enable MPaaS on a Quiz inside a Course on Canvas LMS.


Install the MPaaS Chrome extension installed on your browser. 
Reach out to your Account Manager for the LTI keys specific to your account.

MPaaS Terminology

  1. Group Name: In MPaaS, the group name is the group under which candidates registered under a course on LMS are registered on MPaaS.
    In other words, after integration, Course name and Quiz name on LMS is the Group name on MPaaS

  2. User ID: User ID is used to uniquely identify a candidate, on MPaaS. After integration, the Email ID of the candidate on LMS becomes User ID on MPaaS.

  3. Public key: Public key of the client's account on MPaaS

  4. Private key: Private key of the client’s account on MPaaS

  5. Is authorization on: Proctoring setting to enable manual authorization, if this setting is passed as true, then-candidate will have to undergo manual authorization.

  6. Enable Recording: Proctoring settings to enable Full session recording, if this setting is passed as true the whole session of the candidate will be recorded and will be made available in the report.

  7. Enable Screen capture: Proctoring setting to enable candidate screen capture, if this setting is passed as true, the candidate’s screen will be captured.

  8. Full Screen mode: Proctoring setting to enable full screen mode for the candidate.

  9. Enable Navigation Control: Proctoring setting to enable candidate Lockdown mode.

  10. Disable Other Chrome Extensions: Proctoring setting to disable all Chrome Extensions installed on a candidate machine, except the Mettl Chrome Extensions, for the duration of the exam. The Chrome Extensions get re-enabled after the Quiz gets over.

Setting up the MPaaS tool

To set up the MPaaS tool follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Canvas instance

  2. Go to the Admin setting

  3. Go to the Apps section and click on add app

  4. From the drop-down select the “By URL” option and fill in the required details and click on Submit

    1. Name: Name of the tool(MPaaS)

    2. Consumer key: Public key        //To be shared by Mettl

    3. Shared Secret: Private key       //To be shared by Mettl

MPaaS external LTI app is now ready to be used in the courses on your Canvas LMS.

Note: By Default, the MPaaS tool is added in all the courses present in your Canvas Dashboard, to disable MPaaS from a course, go to Settings and remove it from the Navigation section.

Setting up the proctoring on a quiz via MPaaS

Logging in the MPaaS Chrome Extension

To login into MPaaS Chrome Extension, the instructor simply needs to click on the MPaaS tool added into the course, and they will be auto logged into it.

Not Logged in State

Logged in State

Enabling MPaaS in a Quiz on Canvas

Once login is successful, go to the quiz settings to enable the Proctoring settings and follow the following steps:
  1. Go to the Edit Settings of the Quiz, where you want to setup MPaaS 
  2. Turn the toggle switch for MPaaS on. You can also select the sub settings of MPaaS as per your requirements about the severity of the exam. 
  3. As soon as you turn MPaaS on, a link for the MPaaS Chrome Extension gets added into the description of the Exam/Quiz. 

  4. From the “Quiz Restriction” section, set up a Access Code for the Quiz. This Access code makes sure, students are not able to bypass MPaaS.  Click on Save. 

You have now successfully enabled MPaaS in your Canvas.

Note: MPaaS is currently available only for Basic Quizzes and not for New Quizzes.