CertiCHECK API Documentation

CertiCHECK API Documentation

Mettl CertiCHECK is a market leading SaaS based Solution for end-to-end online certification programs. This document details REST-based APIs using which the consumer may integrate with the CertiCHECK application.
Refer the attachment - Mettl CertiCheck API Documentation(v2).

Prerequisites for using Mettl CertiCHECK APIs

  1. The API consumer (who-so-ever wants to use Mettl CertiCHECK APIs) should have a valid Mettl CertiCHECK account and should be familiar with Mettl CertiCHECK platform’s terminologies.
  2. The applicant needs to register him/her self on Mettl CertiCHECK Platform. applicant has checked and met the minimum compatibility requirements on his/her laptop/PC.
  3. You would also need a pair of access keys to use our APIs. Please contact your Account Manager at Mettl to get these keys or reach out to us here.
Please note that only organizations with prior permission can use Mettl CertiCHECK APIs.

What can be done using Mettl CertiCHECK APIs

Using Mettl CertiCHECK APIs mentioned in this document the API consumer can achieve the following:
  1. Make Mettl CertiCHECK account settings
  2. Mettl CertiCHECK account details with applicant registration
  3. Create slots and slot windows for Mettl CertiCHECK account
  4. Register applicants with or without Direct applicant login
  5. Register applicant(s) within the test(s) or removes the applicant(s) from (tests)
  6. Register applicant(s) into slots
  7. Fetch results of applicants 

Mettl CertiCHECK Workflows

CertiCHECK accounts could be of two types:
  1. InvitationOnly
  2. OpenForAll
In either of the two cases, there are three possible workflows:
  1. With Slot Booking
  2. Without Slot Booking
  3. With Direct Applicant Login
To go through these workflows, please refer this article.

Sample Signature Generation Codes

These are available in the following programming languages (Refer the attachments for details):
  1. Python
  2. Go