Mercer Mettl 360View: Managing a Live Survey

Mercer Mettl 360View: Managing a Live Survey

While a survey is Live and participants are filling in the survey, there are many options that are available for the survey Admin.

Survey Admin can: 

  1. Monitor the participation and completion rate of the survey and take appropriate actions such as sending reminder emails, ad Hoc emails, extending survey completion rates etc.
  2. Make sure all participants have received the invitation email by filtering out such survey participants from the tool or acting on the email received for failed deliveries.
  3. Change survey Name. 
  4. Add, modify, delete participant details.
  5. View/download the raw data available for the survey for
    1. Complete raw data for the survey.
    2. Feedback Ratings received on a relationship level.
    3. Survey Response status
  6. Download reports of certain individuals.
  7. Bulk download reports of all Feedback Seekers.
  8. Share report with the respective Feedback Seekers through email.
  9. Change email templates for the emails to be sent to survey participants. This can be -
    1. Invitation email template (to be sent to anyone newly added to the survey).
    2. Reminder email template.
    3. Ad Hoc email template.
    4. Share Report template.
    5. Updated survey close date intimation email template.
    6. Self-Nomination email template (to be sent to anyone newly added to the survey).
    7. Request for Approval (for cases where Approver is added
  10. Change report templates such that reports can be customized and appropriate data can be printed in the reports.
  11. Add more relationships that can then be made a part of the survey.
  12. Set-up survey benchmarks.
  13. Create any new survey.
  14. View activity logs of all the major actions taken in the client account.

Survey Participant can:

  1. Go through the email and click on the link received to fill the survey.
  2. Go through the list of Feedback Seekers for whom they need to provide the feedback. 
  3. Fill in the survey for the participants for whom they are the feedback provider. They can fill the surveys on the go using their mobile phones. 
  4. Leave a survey mid-way and complete it anytime while the survey is Live. 
  5. Keep a track of the surveys that they have already filled and surveys that are yet to be completed (using the link in their invitation emails).