Mercer Mettl 360View: Getting started

Mercer Mettl 360View: Getting started

Mettl 360View is an easy-to-use and flexible 360-degree feedback platform which lets you seamlessly run 360-degree program across your organization. This guide will help you set up a 360-degree feedback survey in minutes.
To begin with, you can access Mettl 360View from the More Apps panel in your Mettl account or simply click here. If 360View is not enabled for your account (you will be re-directed to the 360View website in this case), you can contact your Mettl Account Manager to get it enabled.

Creating a New Survey

You can create a new 360-degree feedback survey by clicking on the Create Survey button. Survey creation is a simple 4-step process. 

Step 1: Selecting a Survey Template

The first step is to select the right survey template. A survey template is a questionnaire comprising of multiple questions measuring various competencies for a particular job role or hierarchy in an organization. This template can also have open-ended feedback question for qualitative feedback to the feedback seeker. 

360View has a pre-built library of a few standard survey templates which you can explore by using the Preview option. If a ‘Pre-built Template’ suits your needs, you can select that and get going.

Note: The pre-built 360-degree survey templates are well researched questionnaires curated by our in-house psychometric consultants. We keep adding new templates to this library in various languages that we support.

In case you have specific requirements or want to make changes to any existing template, you can contact us, and we will get it tailored according to your needs. Multilingual surveys can also be created if needed. The template shows the language(s) supported in that template.

All templates which are customized according to your needs will be available under the ’My Templates’ tab.
Once you’ve selected a template, you can click on ’Next’ and go to the ’Add Participants’ step.

Step 2: Adding Participants to your 360-degree survey

In this step, you can easily add the participants who you want to include in this 360-degree feedback survey. Participants in a 360-degree feedback survey can be added in two ways:
  1. Admin-driven process: You can use this option if you have all the information for the feedback seekers and their respective feedback providers ready with you. You can simply upload/add them at the ‘Add Participants’ step while creating a survey or add these participants using the interface itself. 
  2. Employee-driven process: You can use this option if you want the feedback seekers to nominate their respective feedback providers. Including an approver who reviews and approves the list of nominated feedback providers is optional. You can upload/add the feedback seekers and their respective approvers at the ‘Add Participants’ step during survey creation. To learn more, check out this article.

Once you select your preferred method, you can add participants through:

1. Bulk upload using Excel: You will prefer the excel upload way if the number of participants is large. All you need to do is to download the excel upload template, populate the template with participants’ data and browse the file to upload it. 360View will automatically highlight any discrepancies in the data and will guide you about the corrections which you need to do in each erroneous cell of the uploaded excel.

Download the error excel file to see the corrections required, make changes and re- upload the same error file with the corrections made to it. If there are no further errors, you will see all data successfully uploaded.

2. Adding through the Interface: In case the number of participants is few, adding them through the interface is recommended. Just click on this option and you can quickly include multiple feedback seekers and providers.
Once you’ve added all the participants to this survey, you can go to the ‘Next’ step to set up the emails for this 360-degree survey.

Note: You need not worry about accidental system shutdowns, closing the browser or anything else. All your work is automatically saved as drafts so that you can come back and continue where you left.

Step 3: Setting up Emails and Reminders

The right communication with your employees is critical for the success of your 360-degree feedback program. 360View lets you set up your emails customized to your organizational needs.

In the Setup Email step, you can setup the following emails:
  1. Invitation Email: This is the first email communication to your employees intimating them about the 360-degree feedback program and requesting them to provide their feedback for the nominated feedback seekers. The email will be sent to all participants when you send out this survey at the Finalize step. If Self-feedback is not required in the survey, then the email is not sent to the feedback seekers.
  2. Automated Reminders (optional): Getting timely responses to the 360-degree survey is a challenge and you may want to remind your employees to complete the survey before the closing date. 360View makes it simple for you to set up automated reminders so that you don’t have to login to the system and manually send reminders. You can set up a maximum of three automated reminders with customized content and schedule. The reminders can be configured to be sent ‘X’ number of days before the survey closes at a specific time (e.g. send reminder 5 days before the survey closes) OR on a fixed date and time.
  3. Ad-hoc Reminder (optional): For situations where custom email is to be sent to a few survey participants, an ad-hoc reminder can be sent to these few participants. The template can be configured and the participants to whom this email is to be sent can be selected from the survey running page. For e.g. This email can be used to send to participants from a certain geography or department etc.
  4. Share Report Email (optional): When survey reports are to be shared via email with someone, this email can be sent along with the reports attached to them. Reports can be shared with any of the below audience:
    1. Any email ID (all reports would be sent to this email ID via a mail).
    2. Feedback seekers: Feedback seekers can receive their respective reports via email. This saves the effort to download the reports individually and share them with each feedback seeker separately.
    3. A Relationship: Survey participants belonging to a certain relationship (for e.g. Manager) can receive the reports of those seekers for whom they have been mapped to the survey. This feature is mostly used to share the reports with the Managers of the seekers, who discuss these reports with them in detail.
  5. Self-Nomination Email (Employee Nomination flow only) (optional) : For surveys where seekers are required to nominate their own feedback providers, they are informed via email regarding the commencement of the survey. They can also be provided with instructions on the nominations that they need to do from various relationships. There is a button provided in the email which takes the seeker to the nomination page. They can use the same link to re-nominate the feedback providers, in case re-nomination option has been enabled in the survey.
  6. Approval Request Email (Employee Nomination flow only) (optional): For surveys where approvers are added in the employee nomination surveys, they are informed via email regarding nominations being submitted by feedback seekers. They can also be provided with instructions on the nominations that they need to do from various relationships. There is a button provided in the email which takes the approver to the review page where they would be able to add/edit the feedback providers. They can use the same link to review the nominations in case re-nominations have been submitted by the seekers.

Note: You can fully customize the email body and subject making use of the rich-text editor and dynamic keys for a more personalized communication.
The email will be sent from with your name in the ‘From’ field. To make it easy for your employees to ask any questions related to the 360-degree survey, there is a provision for replying to your email address so that they can directly write back to you for any questions.

Step 4: Finalizing before you send

At the Finalize step, you can name your 360-degree survey and set up the survey close date. You also get a summary of all previous steps, and you can go back to make any changes, if required. There are some additional settings that need to be configured before launching the survey. A few of these settings that can be configured after the survey has been made Live can be changed after launching the survey also. Once you’ve checked everything at this step, you can click on ‘Finish and Send’ to send all the invites and make the survey live.

Surveys can also be scheduled to be sent to a later date and time.

Dashboard to track your surveys

You can keep track of your surveys through the dashboard. You will see a snapshot of all your surveys in various stages up-front. If you wish to duplicate any of the existing surveys to create a new survey, then you can do that through this dashboard.