Managing Assessment Settings (From Assessment Dashboard)

Managing Assessment Settings (From Assessment Dashboard)

Once a test is created and visible as a tile in the assessment dashboard in your account, you can perform various settings/actions from the assessment tile itself (as shown in the image below).
Various options available on the assessment tile are mentioned below
Test Options
The vertical three dots on the assessment tile lead you to the follow extra settings:

  1. Edit Test Name:

  2. Edit Test: Edit the test blueprint, sections and other settings, but only when there are no completed test takers yet (To view the Step by step modification detail, Click Here).
  3. Duplicate Test: Create a exact duplicate copy of an already created test

  4. Candidate Registration Fields (CRF): Using this option, you can
    1. Select/un-select the registration fields(from already defined set of fields defined in your account) that the candidates will fill while attempting the test. Please note, this selection will be only applicable to this test and not in your account
    2. Select/Un-Select the verification of CRF's in case they are already pre-filled)

  5. Change Settings: For complete details, Click here and refer the Test option content for more details.
  6. Archive Test: This feature allows the user to move an assessment to Archive folder. Once an assessment is Archived, the same shall not be available on the Dashboard of the “MY TEST” tab.To use an archived assessment, you will have to un-archive the same.
  7. Delete Test:  This feature helps to delete the assessment from the “MY TEST” dashboard. Once the test has been deleted the data cannot be recovered.