Manage Interviewers

Manage Interviewers

This article intends to help users understand about Interviewers in an interview. On our platform, interviewers can be added beforehand and when an interview is scheduled, the user can add interviewers directly from the list.

To get started, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Login to your Mercer | Mettl account and select the option Interviews from the More Apps dropdown as shown below.


2. On clicking upon Interviews, you will be redirected to the Interviews dashboard. Now click on the Interviewers tab on the top to go to the Interviewers dashboard.

3. Once the Interviewers dashboard is opened you can add an interviewer by clicking on the Add Interviewer button on the top right corner of the page.  

4. After clicking upon the Add Interviewer button, a pop-up will appear asking the user to add details of the interviewer such as their name and email id.
Once all the necessary information is filled in, click on the add button to add the interviewer to the list of interviewers in the dashboard.

5. You can also choose to enable or disable an interviewer. Disabling an interview means that the interviewer will not be allowed to access the interviewing experience. This can be done by clicking on the enable/disable button under the
Action (Status) column.

The status of an interviewer being disabled/enabled can be viewed under the
Status column.


6. The number of interviews scheduled with each interviewer can also be viewed under the Interview(s) column. 


7. To edit the details of an interview, hover around the name of the interview and click on the Edit Details button to edit the Name, Email ID, and other details of an interviewer.