Mercer | Mettl integration with Ceipal

Integration with Ceipal

Ceipal is a scalable, AI-driven, total talent acquisition platform that provides visibility across all channels and sources while organizing your data into a single talent ecosystem. 
Mercer | Mettl's integration with Ceipal allows you to link your Mercer | Mettl account with Ceipal, send assessments to candidates and get detailed results for these assessments back in Ceipal.

Enabling the Mercer | Mettl <> Ceipal Integration

To enable the integration, your organization must have an Enterprise account with Mercer | Mettl. Only Admins and Super Admins in Ceipal can configure this integration.

Go to Setup. Hover over Integrations and click on Interview Integrations. Go to Mercer | Mettl and click on Add. Provide Public and Private API keys and click on save.

Sending Mercer | Mettl assessment to Candidate

  1. Go to Job Posting. Click on any active job. Click on Submissions, you are directed to Submissions Record. Go to Employment Tests at the top right and click on Mercer | Mettl Assessment.

2. Once a user clicks on Mercer | Mettl Assessment, the user gets a pop-up as shown below. Here user can configure  -

  • Which Mercer | Mettl assessment to choose for the particular candidate as assessments are reflected in a drop-down to select.

  • The time duration in which the applicant can take the assessment.

  • Users can enable the following anti-cheating settings:

    • Users can enable browsing tolerance to the test.

    • Users can enable Visual proctoring.

    • Users can capture the candidate’s screen during the assessment.

View Candidate’s Result in Ceipal

  1. Once the user submits the assessment, the candidate receives an email from Mercer | Mettl with a link to take the assessment.

        2. The candidate is redirected to the Mercer | Mettl page to take the assessment with the help of the link.

  3. After candidate takes the assessment, the results are sent back to the Ceipal ATS. Users can track the results on the Submission Record under Mercer | Mettl.