How to create Typing Simulator Questions

How to create Typing Simulator Questions

To add a Typing Simulator Question to your account.

1. In the account, click on the My Questions tab and click on Add Question button on the top right side.

2. Click on Application-based questions and select the Question Type as Typing Simulator Question from the drop-down options and provide a Topic Name to which the question is supposed to be added.

3. In the screen that opens, enter the desired text for reference while typing. The same text will be displayed to the candidate while attempting the question.

4. Assign weightage (in percentage) to the Accuracy and Typing Speed. The candidate would be allocated marks according to this distribution.

5. Define the ideal typing speed, which is expected from the candidate to obtain full marks.

6. We can now preview the added questions by clicking on the "Preview" button at the bottom right.

7. Click on the 'SAVE' button to save the question.

Please refer to the below video: