How to create an Assessment

How to create an Assessment

Mettl gives you the freedom to define the blueprint and total scoring of your assessment. Any assessment can be tailor made to your requirements. Kindly find below the types of accounts where assessment can be created. (Both the cases will lead you to the same next step that defines the newly created assessment.)
  1. Accounts having no active/created assessments(Usually new accounts)
  2. Accounts already having at-least one assessment(For existing accounts)

Types of assessments:

Please enter basic details before proceeding:
  1. Purpose of the test:  Providing the purpose of the assessment helps in drawing any use-case/project based analytics from the test results. The purpose of the assessment can be selected from the drop-down menu.
  2. Test Language: By selecting this, you define the language to be used to be displayed while loading and attempting the test. The selected language will only change the “Defaults” or “Generic” navigation buttons available on the test window (as shown in the below screenshot.)
  3. You can create 3 types of tests in Mettl
    1. Timed assessment
    2. Deadline Based assessment
    3. Practice Session


Creating the blueprint of a test

Once you have decided the type of test, click on "Proceed" button. You will now see page open with a text box available on the top. You can use this text box to search  the specific skills/topics to be added in the test.
You can search for all skills/topics that were added by you while uploading your questions in "My Questions" tab. Alternatively, if given access, you can also search for topics/skills available in Mettl's library.

Type the required skill name in the “Search and add skill to test field. Now select the relevant skill from the drop-down that appears. You may Add multiple skill sets in the same test.

Customizing the blueprint of a test

Refer the link for basic customization of the test Click here
Refer the link for advance customization of the test Click here
 Now, set the total duration of the test. (Total time to be allocated to the candidate, to attempt the test)

Click on Save and exit.

Candidate Performance Categories

While creating a test, you can also chose to define various result ranges as custom categories (Good, Average Excellent, Poor etc.). While saving the created assessment, you will be prompted to do so. If you want to to do this activity some other time, kindly click on "Later"

Once you click on the Save Button, the following screen will appear:


You test is now created and is available in your "My Tests" tab.