How to attempt Math and Chemistry type questions in the test?

How to attempt Math and Chemistry type questions in the test?

Mercer- Mettl's assessment engine, allows you to use Math and Chemistry tools and symbols  to answer the questions involving Mathematical and Chemistry related equations, diagrams, etc.. If set by your exam administrator, you can use in-window tools and symbols to write such mathematical/chemistry equations. 

Just make you that you are using latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Older versions of these browsers may not support these figures and symbols.

Purpose of Equation Editor: This is widely used for the functions like  Algebra Equations, Calculus, Integration, Differentiation, Trigonometry, matrices, Chemistry Equations, Chemical Formulas, etc. to ensure user ease for simple to complex formulae writing.

Step by step Guide:

  1. Post starting your test, you will land on the test page with questions and a text box named “Enter your response” for typing in the answers, in the right-hand section of the page. This would only be in the cases where you have to answer in the form of a descriptive text.

  1. Among the set of tools enlisted, the last two denote,the Mathematical and the Chemistry equation editor. 


      is the editor for Mathematical equations.

  1.    is the editor for the Chemistry equations.
  1. For a typical mathematics kind of question, the math tool can be used which has functions of integration, superscripts, subscripts, fractions, derivatives,integrations etc. Type in your response in the pop-up text box.

  1. Once done, Click on OK, the solution will be reflected in the response box of the question.
  1. For a Chemistry type Question, the Chemistry tool is to be selected while answering the problem

  1. Click on “OK” for the solution to be reflected in the Solution Box