How to add and schedule a Pre-Built Test

How to add and schedule a Pre-Built Test

Pre-built tests are the standard ready-to-use or available on request assessments created for various skills like quantitative aptitude, technical aptitude, verbal skills etc. You can add a Pre-Built Test from the test library and schedule the assessment.   

To add a pre-built test in your account 

1. Click on the 'Test Library' button.  


2. The tests have been categorized according to Test Types, Categories and Availability. We can see the tests that are already added to our “My Tests”.  We can also click on any test to view details like test duration, total questions, relevant job roles etc.

3. We can now view the assessment features, view a sample report of the test, request to customize the test or add it to “My Tests” page. 

4. Once the test is added, it will show the same in “My Tests” page in our account with a blue ribbon on the test’s tile.

Once the test is added in our account’s “My Tests” page, we can schedule it by generating a link.