Add and schedule a pre-built test - Mettl

How to add and schedule a Pre-Built Test

Pre-built tests are the standard ready-to-use assessments created for various skills like quantitative aptitude, technical aptitude, verbal skills etc. You can add a Pre-Built Test from the test library and schedule the assessment.  

To add a pre-built test in your account

1. Click on the 'Test Library' button.

2. The tests have been categorized according to Job Roles, Test Types and Industry. Click on the  relevant test to view details.

3. You will now be able to see the following options
  1. PREVIEW TEST: Click to view the sample questions of a test.
  2. View Sample Report : You can view a sample report of a test.
  3. ADD TO MY TESTS : Click on the button to add a test to your account.

To schedule a pre-built test

  1. Go to “My Tests”, hover over your selected test and click on “Test link(s)”. 

  2. You can edit the name of your test link by clicking on the pen icon as highlighted below:  

  3. You may also set other test link properties like Access time, Browsing tolerance, Webcam Proctoring etc. Refer the article : How to schedule an assessment in the support directory to know more about assessment scheduling.
  4. The test is now ready to be shared with the candidates.