Account Hierarchy- Adding multiple child accounts

Account Hierarchy- Adding multiple child accounts

What is Account Hierarchy?

Mettl's assessment platform lets you create sub-accounts/teams within your account for the various sets of users. Multiple teams/sub-accounts lets you maintain privacy among your teams. Users/sub-users of one team/sub-account cannot access any content/pages from the other team/sub-account (unless given permission to do so). Only the main account holder/administrator will be allowed to access both the main account and any sub-accounts under it.

The main account owner can perform the following activity:

  1. Create sub-accounts/teams
  2. Define roles and permission
  3. Create/delete sub-users of any team
  4. Switch between the account of any team

The main account holder/admin can create sub-accounts/teams to organize a group into separate categories. Every team will work as a separate account linked to an organization.

Refer to the GIF below, to know how to create teams

An email notification will be sent to the email addresses which is registered as a Team/Sub account for account verification.

NOTE: Make sure that the invited admin does not already have an account on Mettl (with the same Email ID). Mettl does not allow creation of master account/sub-accounts with an already registered email address.


Once the invited admin verifies the email address and sets a password for the account the child account will be created successfully .
You can resend the invitation/account confirmation email using the resend tab available on the account hierarchy screen as shown below: