FAQs - LMS integrated with MPaaS

FAQs - LMS integrated with MPaaS

Q1. I’m a student and not able to start my test from my portal.   

Ans. Ensure that you have the MPaaS chrome extension installed before starting the exam.  URL - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mettl-%20%20proctoring/nlhaleloflnhpemagojabiikkkejjlgp?hl=en

Q2. I’m unable to proceed with taking the test, the screen pop-up says “You are not logged in.  Please click on MPaaS tool in your course to login”  

Ans: You are not logged into MPaaS. For this, you would need to click on the MPaaS tool in your  course to proceed with test taking. Within the MPaaS link the quiz nomenclature could be found. Please proceed with taking the test/quiz from within the MPaaS link.

Q3. My test window loading stops at Mercer Logo.   

Ans: Click on the MPaaS tool before the start of the test and post clicking on the MPaaS tool, if the  Mercer Logo still pops, the antivirus setting is to be tuned to minimum or the lowest possible or in best  case scenario, the antivirus is to be uninstalled.  

Q4. While I am taking my test, the test window is automatically closing thereby closing my  camera.  

Ans: This is due to multiple consecutive page refreshes made in middle of an ongoing test within a span  of 1sec to 5 secs. The Test Window and MPaaS Diagnostic Window loses a connect and the test window  closes abruptly. Hence, we would recommend not to hover around the questions within a short span of  consecutive seconds triggering multiple refreshes within the page.  

Q5. I am being asked to inject PASSWORD to take the test.  

Ans: There can be multiple reasons for this, please ensure the following measures to resolve it:
  1. Check whether you have the MPaaS Chrome Extension installed, if not, please install it from the Google Chrome Webstore.
  2. If you have the Extension installed, check whether you are logged in the extension as a Student. 

  3. If you are not logged inside the Extension, try refreshing your Webpage, or click on the MPaaS tool available inside your course.
  4. If you are logged in, and are still getting asked for the Password, try taking the test on Edge browser.
  5. If the issue is faced on Edge browser as well, Please reach out to your institute/test administrator and look for the correct/exact  course name (Nomenclature) to continue with.  

Q6. What if I, the test taker gets disconnected while taking test through MPaaS?  

AnsMPaaS is bound by the design of your LMS in this scenario. When internet gets  disconnected, you, the test taker will receive a pop-up from Moodle/Quanta (terminology used  by LMS) and MPaaS informing about the same after which the browser will be closed.  
On internet reconnection you will then have to click on “Re- attempt” on Moodle/Quanta  (terminology used by LMS) to continue the quiz from the point of disconnection. MPaaS will get  activated and webcam and screen feed will get captured once the quiz resumes.