FAQs and Troubleshooting - Hackathon

FAQs and Troubleshooting - Hackathon

Is there any registration deadline?

- The deadline for registration is indicated on the registration page of the hackathon. We request you to review the information provided on the same page

Who can participate in the hackathon?

- The eligibility criteria may vary from one event to another. The same can be found under the “eligibility criteria” section on the respective hackathon page.

How can I create a team?

- The first person to sign up and complete the registration process will be designated as the Team Leader. The team leader will have the authority to invite other members to join the team. The registration process will be considered complete only when all team members have filled out their registration forms. Additionally, the team leader can select a unique name for the team.

Who is eligible to be a team leader?

- There are no eligibility criteria for a participant to be a team leader. The first participant to register from the team would be the team leader.

How can the team composition be modified?

- Until the registration window is open, only the team captain has the right to add or remove team members at their discretion. Additionally, the captain can choose to dissolve the current team and join another team as a member, provided they have received an invitation from that team.

I am already a part of Team A, can I join Team B?

- For this, you must have an invite from Team B, and you should leave Team A to join Team B. No candidate can be part of two teams at the same time.

How are participants expected to attempt different rounds?

- You are expected to go through the instructions mentioned in the round information on your mercer mettl acount and email communication shared by the team.

How will the participant/team be shortlisted for a round?

- The short-listing criteria are subject to variation between rounds and events. Typically, these criteria are decided by the organization hosting the hackathon and are at their discretion.

What are the prizes for the hackathon event? In the case of prize money who will be responsible for disbursing the money?

- The prizes offered will differ for each event. Please refer to the “Prize” section mentioned on the respective hackathon’s page to find out rewards. Mercer Mettl will be the hackathon technology partner, but prize disbursement will be managed solely by the organizer.

Whom should I contact in case of more queries related to the hackathon?

- Please drop an email Mettl-support@mercer.com

Where can I find a list of all hackathon events published by Mercer-Mettl?

- To view all previous and ongoing public listed hackathons, please click here.