This article lists answers to the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mettl's-Proctoring-as-a-Service (MPaaS).

Regarding the Dashboard/Controls on Mettl

Q. I’m a proctor and am unable to log in. A message stating 'Keys are disabled. You are required  to connect to Mettl Support Team' is being displayed. How do I proceed?  
Ans. This error occurs when you log via When you have your LMS integrated  with MPaaS, a proctor is required logging in via with their registered email address.

Q. How may how can I change candidate to Proctor ratio?  
Ans: Login via and navigate to:
> Live Feed Settings
> Maximum candidates to be allotted to any Proctor
The candidate to proctor ratio is fixed for the entire MPaaS account and will remain  same for all the examinations. This ratio will be decided by the Institutional administrator and cannot be changed in real-time.  

Regarding using the MPaaS Chrome Extension on your LMS

Q. Who needs to install the MPaaS Chrome Extension?  
Ans: All Professors (creating the quizzes) and Students would mandatorily require the MPaaS Chrome Extension. Proctors who would only invigilate an MPaaS-enabled quiz do not need the MPaaS Chrome Extension.  

Q. What are the storage implications if reports are saved in Blackboard/Canvas/D2L/Moodle/my LMS?  
Ans: No MPaaS data/reports are saved on your LMS. When a Professor logs in to the MPaaS External Tool, the report URLs are loaded within MPaaS Chrome Extension itself.  

Q. I am getting stuck at Loader while trying to Login in the MPaaS Chrome Extension. What should I do next?
Ans: In this case, please try refreshing the page. If the issue still persist, please clear the cache of your browser, relogin into the LMS and click on the MPaaS External tool again. If this error still persists, do reach out to us.

Q. I am unable to see the MPaaS settings while I am setting up a quiz.  What do I need to do?
Ans: This could occur due to 2 reasons:

  1. MPaaS Chrome Extension is not installed: Click here to install the MPaaS Chrome Extension
  2. You are not logged into the MPaaS Chrome Extension: If you have the extension installed but are still not able to view the MPaaS settings, it could be due to the fact you are not logged into the extension. To do so, click on the MPaaS external tool.

Q. Whenever I apply settings to MPaaS and come back they are not saved.  Why is this happening?
Ans: In this case, check if the default nomenclature of the quiz has the usage of the following special characters: 


Not Supported Special Characters


% \ / ; “ < >


% \ / ; “

BlackBoard Learn

% \ / ; “ < > &

D2L BrighSpace

% \ / ; “ < > & *

If yes, you would be required to remove these special characters to proceed.

Q. While saving the Quiz, it was mandatory to add a Password. Does this need to be shared with my students? 
Ans: When a student launches a quiz, the MPaaS Chrome Extension will auto-inject the password into the LMS.
We recommend you to NOT share the Quiz password with your students as this would allow them to bypass MPaaS and take the quiz in an unsecure manner.

Q. My students are unable to take a quiz. They are getting an error where the message reads - "Error in LTI Key verifications pops up as ‘Lti  tool is not present. Contact your administrator".  What could be the issue?

Ans. This error will pop in cases faculties use First Brackets or Round Brackets e.g. (). It is not recommended to use round brackets in quiz and course nomenclatures. Also, additionally, we  recommend not to include "&" and "(" and ")" in the nomenclatures.  

Q. When my students are trying to give the Test on LMS, they are being asked for the Password? Why is this happening?
Ans. This is happening because the name of the course and Quiz have special characters in the name which are not allowed. Please make sure your COurse and Quiz name are free of the following special characters: (,),-,%,\,/.

Q. How may I deter students adopting cheating avenues?  
Ans: For quizzes that are not "open-book based", we recommend you to enable the following settings:
  1. Screen Capture
  2. Full Screen Mode
  3. Navigation Control
  4. Disable other Chrome Extensions.
Furthermore, if your MPaaS enabled quiz is live proctored:
  1. You may also enable Authorisation in the MPaaS Quiz settings - This would involve a human proctor matching the student's image and their ID card image and allowing them to start the Quiz only after such a verification.
  2. The human proctor may also chat with the student and warn them if any cheating instances are flagged.
Proctors will not be able to Pause/Stop a student's Quiz.

Q. When I try to view reports, for some candidates Proctoring duration is being shown as 0 seconds and the report is completely empty? Why is this happening?
Ans. This happens because for these students System Check failed and they were not able to complete their test as proctoring never started for them.