Q1. I’m a proctor and am unable to log in, a popup stating keys are disabled and are required  to connect to Mettl Support Team.  

Ans. This error occurs when you log into www.mettl.com. When you have your LMS integrated  with MPaaS, a proctor is mandatorily required logging in on http://mpaas.mettl.com/ with  their registered email address.

Q2. My candidates are unable to take a test and Error in LTI Key verifications pops up as ‘Lti  tool is not present. Contact your administrator’.  

Ans. This error will pop in cases faculties use First Brackets or Round Brackets e.g. (). It is not  recommended to use round brackets in quiz and course nomenclatures. Also, additionally, we  recommend not to include "&" and "(" and ")" in the nomenclatures.  

Q3. If a candidate is adopting cheating avenues, what can I do?  

Ans: A proctor cannot PAUSE/END the test; however, proctor can communicate with test taker  through chat window, but chat must initiate from their end to connect with the test taker. 

Q4. Whenever I apply settings to MPaaS and come back they are not saved.  

Ans: In this case, check if the default nomenclature of the quiz or test has the usage of “ (, ), & ”.  If yes, you would be required to manually change the same to regular texts, e.g., Course  Number_Course Name_Student Count to proceed seamlessly.  

Q5. Will the candidate be able to navigate during the exam? 
Ans: While candidate is using windows operating system and full screen and navigation control  is enabled in MPaaS settings, the candidate will be able to navigate however when the  candidate is navigating the logs will be generated in the MPaaS report of the candidate.  
On the Mac OS in that case candidate will not be able to navigate away when the navigation  control and the full screen is enabled.  
Q6. How can how can I change candidate to Proctor ratio?  

Ans: Same process as on mettl.com, login and go to - https://mettl.com/corporate/my- account/profile > Live Feed Settings (Maximum candidates to be allotted to any Proctor).
However, the candidate to proctor ratio is fixed for the entire MPaaS account and will remain  same for all the examinations. This ratio will be decided by the Institution/test administrator  and cannot be changed in real-time.  

Q7. What are the storage implications if reports are saved in Moodle?  

Ans: No MPaaS data is saved on Moodle. When the Professor logs in to the MPaaS External  Tool, the report URLs are loaded within MPaaS itself.  
Q8. Who needs to install the chrome extension of MPaaS?  

Ans: Students, Faculties/Professors creating the test would mandatorily require the Chrome  Extension for MPaaS. Proctors who would invigilate a test, not necessarily require  launch/adding the MPaaS settings.    

Q9. After creating a Quiz/ Test, for Extra restriction on attempts a password needs to be set.  Is it required to be shared with students?  

Ans:  It is Moodle requirement for MPaaS to set a PASSWORD so as student cannot bypass the  proctoring. It doesn’t have to be used anywhere but setting of passwords is a compulsory step.  Additionally, when a test taker launches a test by clicking on the MPaaS link from within the  course, the password will auto inject.  

Q10. I am unable to see the MPaaS settings while I am setting up a quiz.  

Ans: This occurs because you have logged out of an active session, due to prolonged inactivity  within the window. Go the chrome extension and click on MPaaS again post which you will be  logged in and would be able to see the MPaaS settings.