Mercer Mettl 360View: Employee-driven nomination process

Mercer Mettl 360View: Employee-driven nomination process

Adding Participants

Participants in a 360-degree feedback survey can be added in two ways:

1. Admin-driven process:

You can use this option if you have the information for the feedback seekers and their respective feedback providers ready with you. You can simply upload/add them at the ‘Add Participants’ step while creating a survey.

2. Employee-driven process:

You can use this option if you want the feedback seekers to nominate their respective feedback providers. Including an approver who reviews and approves the list of nominated feedback providers is optional. You can upload/add the feedback seekers and their respective approvers at the ‘Add Participants’ step during survey creation.

Below is where this option appears:

The Employee-driven process empowers your employees and allows them to nominate their feedback providers and get the list approved by an approver who is usually their manager but can be anybody in the organization. Here are the steps:
  1. Select the ‘Let employees choose their feedback providers’ option at the ‘Add Participants’ step.
  2. Download the excel template and provide the information for feedback seekers and their respective approvers (approver is optional). And then upload the sheet.
  3. Participants can also be added via the interface provided on the platform.
  4. Once participants’ data has been uploaded, the rest of the flow till making the survey live is similar to the admin-driven process. 
  5. On the last step of ‘Finalize’ before the survey is launched, relationship-wise nomination criteria can be defined for various relationships. For all relationships in the survey, a minimum and maximum criterion can be set within which seekers would be required to make the nominations.

Email Communications

After your survey is live, below is the sequence of events which happens:
  1. Feedback seekers receive an email for self-nominating their feedback providers. The approvers (if approver is involved) will also receive an email to inform them about being appointed as an approver for the specified seeker(s) and the start of the self-nomination process.
  2. Employees can nominate their feedback providers through a simple and easy self-nomination interface.
  3. If the nominated list requires approval, the approver is informed when the feedback seeker submits the nominated list.
  4. The approver can review the list, make changes to the nominated list (if required) and provide approval.
  5. Once approved, the feedback seeker and feedback providers receive the invitation email to start responding to the 360-degree feedback surveys.
  6. If re-nomination has been enabled, then seekers can modify their nominations until the survey is Live. New participants added to the survey will get invitation emails after getting added by seekers.
  7. If approver is added, then they receive an email as soon as re-nominations are submitted. New participants approved/added to the survey will get invitation emails after getting reviewed by approvers.
  8. The admin who had set up the survey and the feedback seeker are informed about approval of the nominated participants.
The whole process ensures confidentiality of participants and only the required stakeholders (admin, approver and the feedback seeker) are kept informed at all stages.

Re-nomination Flow (optional)

  1. Feedback seekers can re-nominate their feedback providers while the survey is Live, if this has been enabled for them in a survey. By using this option, seekers can add certain providers, and later edit/delete the providers if those providers have not started filling the survey.
  2. If an approver has been added to review these nominations, any changes made in the nominations by the seeker must be reviewed by the approver before they get implemented to the final survey. 
  3. If a participant has already started filling in their survey, the nominations cannot be altered by the seeker/approver, they can only change their relationship in the survey. Any other change needed in such a participant needs to be made by the survey admin, or our operations team. 

If this option is enabled, below is the screen visible to the feedback seeker after submitting the nominations:

Below is the screen visible to the approver once the seeker re-submits their nominations. 

Keeping track of the process

You can easily monitor the process and view statuses of self-nomination and approvals and send reminders for self-nomination and to approvers.

Hope this helps. You can now go ahead and create Employee-driven nomination based 360View surveys.