Download Manager

Download Manager

Getting Started with Mettl Download Manager

This article gives an overview of the download manager page  

1. Download Manager

Download Manager allows user to track all the download requests raised from the following pages. Users can view the latest status of the request and download documents from here.

A. Results Dashboard
B. Reports + page
C. Test-taker bulk data download

2. How To Download Documents 

A. Click on download and select the document to be downloaded from results page, report+ page or bulk test-taker download.

B. A toast message will appear on the screen and download icon in the header will show the count.

C. Click on the download icon in the header.

D. The download manager page will be displayed.

E. You can view the status of your request here and click on the download icon in actions column to download the files once status is “completed”.

F. The following popup will be displayed in case of test-taker reports and reports with attachments.

3. Column Details of Download Manager Page

A. Name : This shows the name of the page from which request is triggered in case of bulk data download and name of the test or reports + in case documents are downloaded from results dashboard or report+ page.

  1. Name column also has an icon to indicate the file type.
  1.       Test-taker excel and report+ excel     
  1.       Question analytics excel   
  1.       Test-taker reports and Report+ reports
  1.       Reports with attachments

B. File SourceThis column is a link to the page from which download request is raised.

CRequest date : Date and time at which download request was raised.
D. Download status – There are 3 download statuses 
  1. Inprogress – The download has begun and request is being processed.
  2. Completed – The files have been generated and can be downloaded.
  3. Failed – The request has failed. You can re-trigger the request from actions column.

E. Completed on – Date and time at which request was completed. If the download request is in progress, then this column will show a progress bar as shown below.

F. File size- Shows the total file size of the documents in the request .

G. User detail- This column is only visible to admin user and will show the download request by sub-users.

H. Actions – There are two actions available 
  1. Download – Once files are available they can be downloaded from this button
  2. Retry – This will be available if a request has failed. It will re-trigger the same request again

4. Setting up emails for download request

A. Click on “send Via email” button.

B. In the popup enable the option to send emails. 


C. User ID is pre-populated, You can add multiple email Ids here.

D. Click on proceed.

E. Emails will be sent for all requests that are completed post enabling the email feature.

F. This feature can be disabled at point.

G. For the admin user, mails will be for which request has been created by admin user.

H. In-order to receive mails for download requests created by other user, that user can add the email ID in the above popup.