Code Playback

Code Playback

Code Playback

We are so familiar and curious about a solution journey ."Can you show me how would you solve this ?" is a popular question in any interview. You can view this journey in our reports. Code Playback feature is available and can be viewed in the candidate report.

Enable the question wise details for the assessment before viewing the candidate’s report as shown below.
    1. Click on the Test Takers option on the assessment in the account.


  1. In the test takers page click on the highlighted button on the Report settings option. Enable the question wise details as shown below  –

Refer to the PDF report of the candidate for question wise details where in you will get the Code Playback option.The play back would give you details of how the candidate code has evolved and results of each time the candidate had tried to test his code by clicking on the play option.  .

By Clicking on the "View Compilation Result" button as shown below you would get just how well did the candidate do at that time.

This play back can be great interview starter for any candidates and helps you understand the candidate thought process.