Chat Templates for Authorizers and Proctors (Preset Chat)

Chat Templates for Authorizers and Proctors (Preset Chat)

Proctors and Authorizers can make shortcuts to send predefined messages to test takers. It increases the efficiency of proctors while ensuring that test takers get standardized communication thereby eliminating the differences in each proctor's/authorizer’s typing style. It helps to communicate or give instructions to a large number of test takers while proctoring and authorizing. This reduces the time taken to respond back to test takers as well.
We can also manage (add, delete and edit) the preset chat templates. A new chat template can be added as and when seen suitable for the test takers.

We can access the page by going through this flow:
Go to the Account Settings -->Account --> Global Settings --> Candidate Authorization / Live Proctoring

The following page will be displayed:

On the “Candidate Authorization / Live Proctoring page”, we can toggle between “Proctor” and “Authorizer” tab. Using the “ADD TEXT / KEYWORD +” we can add new preset chat messages by entering the same in the type boxes. We can also edit or delete the pre-existing chat messages by using the action icons under the “Actions” column.

Watch the video to know more -