Candidate Experience for Code Snippet Simulator

Candidate Experience for Code Snippet Simulator

Mettl's coding simulator is almost similar to any basic IDE that you might use for coding in your day to day life. It has same basic structure of coding window, libraries, compiler and test cases.

Every compile and test cycle have three steps each consecutive step would run only on completion of it preceding step. All steps in their running order are mentioned below:

1. Compilation Step- This screen would have language specific messages to help the candidates in solving the problem statement.

Also to add if the candidate switch to some different language after compiling the code in one language then the previous code entered can not be retrieved and the candidate would have to rewrite the whole code again.


2. Testing candidate code on Default tests cases: Default test cases are helper test cases for candidates they help candidates in getting the correct output. Each default test case can be easily debugged by using the individual.

Default Test cases

Sample of the "Output Console"

Output console

3. Testing the code on weighted test cases - Results of all test cases on which the candidate would be graded on would be displayed. This step can run only when all default test cases of the candidate have passed.

Weighted Test Case Results

Some more features about the candidate journey -

  1. Remembering the preferred language
  2. Showing the last submitted code
  3. Smoother language change and simulator loading screens
  4. Stopping candidate running code