Candidate Credibility Index in proctoring reports

Candidate Credibility Index in proctoring reports

The Candidate Credibility Index helps in identifying and filtering out candidates who resorted some means of cheating while taking an assessment. Candidates having a low credibility index (low credibility) have a higher likelihood of having resorted to cheating means and vice-versa. The index has values - HighMedium and Low
Note: The Credibility Index feature is currently in Beta. To get it enabled for your account, please reach out to us.

You can filter the candidates on the basis of Credibility Index from the assessment results page. The index is also displayed on the candidate reports, PDF and Excel downloads. For assessments with no proctoring methods enabled, the index will not be calculated and these candidates will fall under the ‘Not Applicable’ category.


Note: The Credibility Index is not displayed in shared reports.

How is the Credibility Index calculated?

The Credibility Index takes inputs from Mettl’s proctoring flags and test finish states. These are flags and states are: 

  • Visual Proctoring flags
    • Candidate Not Present 
    • Additional Person Present 
    • Away from test window
    • Mobile phone detected 
    • Candidate Face Partially Visible 
  • Browsing Tolerance
  • Manual Proctoring