Frequently asked questions

Mercer Mettl 360View: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and their responses. If you have your queries unanswered, feel free to write to us at 

How do I get access to Mettl 360View?

Login to and select 360View from ‘More Apps’ option. If you do not have your login credentials, please reach out to your Mettl Account Manager or write to to arrange for a demo. 

What is the pricing for 360View? 

Pricing is based on the number of feedback seekers i.e. persons seeking feedback from others. We have flexible pricing points based on your needs. For more details, reach out to your Account Manager or write to 

What are Feedback Seekers and Feedback Providers? 

Feedback Seekers are persons for who you want to gather 360-degree feedback. Likewise, Feedback Providers are the persons who would be providing feedback for the Feedback Seekers. 

What competencies should I evaluate and what questions should be asked? 

You need not worry about the questionnaire. Our in-house psychometric consultants can work with you to understand needs which are unique to your organization and then create the right framework for the 360-degree feedback questionnaire. You can write to us at and we will be happy to help. 

How can I get a customized 360-degree survey questionnaire? 

If the pre-built templates do not fit your requirements, you can contact your Account Manager for a customized questionnaire. Our in-house psychometric consultants will work with you to curate the right survey statements as per your needs. 

Is the feedback anonymous? 

Yes, feedback is completely anonymous. The reports do not mention any personally identifiable information of the feedback providers. 

Is the data of my employees secure and confidential? 

All your data is secure and completely confidential. Mettl is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant and has robust data privacy policies in place. 

Are there any limits to the number of surveys which I can run in parallel? 

You can run any number of surveys in parallel through the same account. In fact, as a best practice, you can run your 360-degree program in batches for better management.  

Does 360View support multiple languages? 

The survey questionnaire is supported in Arabic, Bahasa, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, European Portuguese, European Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Mandarin, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. 

What happens if some participants don’t receive emails from 360View? 

Participants may not receive emails due to wrong e-mail address or failed delivery. 360View smartly detects such instances and notifies you. You can check the detailed status of all such failed deliveries and make corrections to the email addresses. While viewing the Seekers, you can filter them by using the ‘Email not Sent’ option. 

Can I define a deadline for submitting responses? Can that be changed later? 

Yes, you have complete flexibility to define the close date and time for your 360 survey. You can even change the deadline anytime while the survey is live. 

How do I add, remove or edit participants to an already live survey? 

360View provides you complete flexibility. You can add or remove participants anytime while the survey is live. Please note that editing and removing a participant’s information is possible only if they haven’t started filling their responses. However, if they have filled in the survey, you can ‘reset’ their responses and then remove such participants. 

Can I modify reminders after the survey is rolled out? 

Yes, after the survey is rolled out, changes can be made to the reminder by accessing the Settings for that survey. 

Who all receive the reminder emails? 

Reminder emails are received by all the participants that have not completed their survey. They are either yet to start it or have started it but yet to complete it.  

What if I want to send emails to limited participants only? 

For doing so, you can use the ad hoc reminder email template and choose the recipient list by selecting their names from the Seeker tab. 

Are the responses automatically saved? 

Responses from the participants are auto-saved so that they can continue from where they left. This helps in getting higher completion rates. 

When are the reports available for download? 

Individual reports will be available once the feedback seeker completes their self-assessment and at least one feedback provider also completes the assessment for the feedback seeker. However, from the Settings, you can change this number for minimum respondents. 

Are the reports customizable? 

Yes, we can customize the reports according to your requirements. For more details, you can reach out to your Account Manager. 

Can I get the report customized to a language of my choice? 

Yes, based on the language that you choose, we provide report customization also. For more details, reach out to your Account Manager or write to  

How do I keep a track of all the actions performed for my survey? 

You can track all activities done on a survey by clicking on the tab called ‘Activity’ for that survey. All actions taken after the survey Opens for the participants to the time it closes are recorded for each survey. This is really helpful if there are multiple admins for the account and a record of each action taken becomes necessary. 

Can I download raw data for my survey? 

You can download 2 types of raw data for a survey from the option at right center corner of the screen – 
  1. Download Feedback Ratings – All Seekers’ average ratings for each competency and all Seekers’ average ratings for each competency relationship wise. 
  1. Download Response Status – All participants’ survey response completion status.  

How do I remind participants to complete the survey? 

You can setup the automated reminders and also make use of the ad-hoc reminders to ensure the participants complete the survey within the deadline. 

Can I customize the reports after the survey closes? 

Yes, reports can be customized even after the survey closes.