What is Account Hierarchy: 

Account-Hierarchy lets you create sub-accounts/teams within your account for the various set of users.

 Why this was required:

The feature has been built for the sake of the privacy of content between multiple teams within an organization that has been a major ask of multiple clients. Multiple organizations have requested to build a feature where the X set of user would not be able to see the content or assessments of the Y set users within the same account. 

 How does it work:

The account holder will be at the highest level of the hierarchy and by default becomes a part of every team that gets created and has access to all the Child/Sub accounts.

The main account owner can perform the following activities:

●    Create sub-accounts/teams

●    Define roles and permission

●    Create/delete sub-users of any team

●    Switch between the account of any team

The main account holder can create the sub-accounts/teams to organize the category into separate categories. Also, he would be the only one who can create the team admin. Every team will work as a separate account linked to an organization and every team can update their own logo as well. 

How to create Teams in the account:

An email notification will sent to the email addresses which is registered as a Team/Sub account for verification and user can authenticate their email address using the same email notification.

Please find below the email notification sent to the team/sub account email address.

Once the team admin verifies the email address and sets a password for the account the child account will be created successfully .

**There should be no account associated with the email address of the child account/Team account on Mettl as the team created acts to be an individual account on the mettl platform hence can not be re created if already once framed before being added as a separate team in the admin account.

Also the user of the email address should not be a sub user of any account on Mettl. 

The invitation for verification of the email address for the team creation can resend in case if not verified with the Resend tab.