MSB : Mettl Secure Browser

Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) is a web browser-environment to carry out online exams safely. The candidate needs to install the Safe Exam Browser .exe file in the system which would install all the required packages.

Once this is installed, it will work as a separate browser which will close all other browser windows and application which is running in the background.

Steps to install the Mettl Secure Browser (MSB):

Click on the Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) application icon which would be available on the desktop in order to run (MSB). You would be taken through the following flow.

The Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) will close all the browser windows and application and ask you for a permission for the same.


  • Working Webcam: Make sure you have a working webcam in the system.
  • Close all the third party camera application if you have any.
  • Disable the antivirus if you have one.
  • Make sure your microphone is working properly. The same can be checked through the below procedure:

 Right-click on the mic option and  select the “Playback device.”

System Requirement: 

Operating System: 

  • MSB will run on only windows (7 and above) 
  • Will support minimum 4.5.1. .Net framework


  • 65 MB permanent free space on the default hard drive

File Size: Medium (~65 MB)

Lockdown mode: 

  • Once the test starts MSB will not allow to move out of the application before the test is finished. 
  • The application will close all currently running applications
    • Browsers i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome etc
    • Other (like Skype etc.)
  • Mettl Secure Browser (MSB) doesn't have any navigation buttons, but the optional reload button in the taskbar or the key F5 can be used to reload the current page
  • Screen Sharing using cable:
    • If candidate screen is shared before starting SEB: It will stop the candidate to start test until he/she removes the cable
    • If candidate shares screen after starting SEB: the test will terminate.