The steps to schedule an assessment is mentioned below;

Creating a Test Link

  • To create a test link for the test, click on Test Link(s) on the assessment. ( right side of time duration)

  • Once you click on Test Link(s) button, you will get a window from where you can configure the test link for the assessment

Setting Access Time for a Test Link

It enables the candidate to take the assessment(s) only during the designated time slot.

  • Once you click on the Test Link button, window pops-up appear to set specific access time, click on ‘Any Time’ and modify. Once you assign the time and date for a link, the link will be active for that time only.

  • If you left the access time to ‘Any Time’, so the candidate can start the test at any time.

  • Slot Wise access time: This feature helps you to set the specific time period in a day for consecutive days.

  • Time Zone:  To set the access time to any specific time zone.

Browsing Tolerance

It counts the number of navigation that happens and we can set a specific limit to it, exceeding that limit would result in the termination of the test.

It helps us to ensure that the candidate does not obtain the correct answers by cheating/tracing over the internet or any specific documents.

  • Click on Not applicable to change its value. Select the limit for which a candidate is allowed to navigates to another window, apart from the main test window.

  • No warning: Selecting  No warning leads to end the candidate test as soon as they navigate away from the test window without showing any warning.

  • A check-box with the text "Show warnings remaining" appears. Enabling this check-box allows the candidate to know the number of times he/she is allowed to navigate to other window tabs. The candidate will be shown warning messages to not navigate away to other window tabs.


This feature helps in prevent candidate cheating by monitoring LIVE video and web image feeds of the candidate. You can view/ monitor the actions of the candidate through his/her webcam, or through the alerts when he/she navigates away from the test window, it provides the view of the candidate’s screen also and proctor can promptly notify him/her LIVE though a chat window.

Proctor can pause the test and terminate the test of they find any suspicious or unfair activity (cheating) doing by the candidate.

Mettl supports Advanced Visual Proctoring:

Advanced Visual Proctoring

  • To enable Advanced Visual Proctoring, select the slide button in front of Advanced Visual Proctoring.

  • In Advanced Visual Proctoring test, candidate have to submit their own picture and a snapshot of their original Photo ID proof. This feature help helps in to prevent an unauthorized person to take the test.

  •  A checkbox with the text " Candidate Authorization " appears. Enabling this checkbox to add one more level of authentication. In this case, a proctor has to authorize the candidate to take the test.

  • A checkbox with the text " Capture Candidate Screen”, enabling this feature help in to capture candidate screen. 

  • This feature works on Internet Explorer version 9 and above, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (latest version recommended).

Make Audio Optional

  • On the vanilla platform, while taking the test, by default the ‘Make Audio Optional’ is enabled for all assessments, although the same is not available on the platform unless enabled by Mettl.
  • The feature once enabled is available on the vanilla platform while enabling the proctoring feature on the platform. Click on the test links for an assessment. PFB the screenshot for your reference.

  • Once you open the test link, enable the proctoring feature, under which the ‘Make audio optional’ feature is available. Uncheck the same to make audio mandatory for a test link. PFB the screenshot for your reference:

OTP Protected

OTP Prevent impersonation. Candidate can access the test after entering the One-Time Password sent to their registered email address.

  • The OTP is valid only for 5 minutes
  • Click on disabled in front of OTP Protected to enable it.

More option:

IP address restrictions

  • To enable/disable a candidate to take an assessment from a particular IP Address or a range of IP Addresses.

  • Click on No restrictions and enter the range of IP Address.

Allow test resume

  • The candidate would require the permission to resume the test in case of disconnection.

Test Grade

  • Enabling this option help in to send a customize email notification to added recipient when the candidate completes the test and report is ready.

  • Click on check-box with the text Share Grade Email, window pops-up appear to add an email address of the recipient. You can also customize the body of the email template.

  • For the customization purpose following keys can be used;
    {candidate-name} : To mention candidate's name.
    {candidate-email} : To mention candidate's email address.
    assessment-name} : To mention the assessment name for which the candidate has appeared for.
    {schedule-name} : To mention the name of the test link.
    {access-key} : to mention the invitation id of the test link.
    {candidate-report-button} : To provide a hyperlink in form of a button to view the report of the candidate.

    {candidate-percentage-score} : To mention the overall percentage secured in the assessment.
    {candidate-absolute-score} : To mention the obtained marks in the assessment.


Private Access

  • Private access feature helps in restrict unauthorize candidate to take the assessment and ensure that the right candidate takes the assessment.

  • Click on check-box with the text Private Access, window pops-up appear to Private Access Options.

  • Add candidate details, you can add candidate details manually if there are less number of candidate’s. If there are a large number of candidates so you can add the candidate from the candidate's group.

  • Candidate details – Prefilled: Enabling this feature help the candidate not to fill all his details on the registration page. While adding the candidate all the details have to be added.

  • Send email notification- Enable the Send email notification check-box, once all the candidates have been added, click on ‘Share link. An e-mail will be immediately sent to the candidates with the test link. You can customize the email template also.

Pause Test

  • Clicking on Pause Access button it will deactivate the test link temporarily. Candidate cannot start their test if the link is paused.  To activate the test link, Click on Unpause Access.

Generate Another Link

  • Click on Generate Another Link if you have to create multiple test link with a different configuration for the same assessment.

Upload Candidate Information/ Create Candidate Bank

You can invite numerous people to take an assessment, in one go, with the help of candidate banks

To create and manage candidate banks:

  • Click on your account name on the top right corner. Choose Manage Candidates from the drop-down.
    Click on the New Candidate Bank button, and create a new candidate group bank.

  • Now, you can add candidates one-by-one, by clicking on the ADD CANDIDATES option displayed aside the name of the candidate group.

  • On the new page that opens, click on the Add New Candidate button, and then enter the relevant details of the candidate. Once done, click on OK button.

  • The candidate's email address and name will be displayed on the dashboard on the screen

If you wish to enter details of multiple candidates in one go:

  • Click on your account name on the top right corner. Choose Manage Candidates from the drop-down.

  • Click on Candidate Upload Template, and then fill in the appropriate details in the mentioned format and save the file.

  • Now click on ADD CANDIDATES button aside the candidate bank in which you wish to include the candidate details.

  • Click on Bulk Upload Candidates button, and then choose and click on 'Upload' button to upload the file which contains the candidate details. The candidate list will be reflected in the candidate bank.


The audio has been set as mandatory, yet in the test recording for the candidate, the audio is not available?


This is a corner case wherein although the audio option is mandatory, and the audio is not available in the test recording. The candidates’ machine is checked for the required hardware and the working of the microphone, but the candidate has muted the microphone because of which the audio is not captured. As this is a hardware functionality, Mettl has no control over the same.