To create a question in MCA Format:

  1. In order to create check box or Multiple Choice Answer (MCA) Questions, login to your Mettl account and click on the ‘My Questions’ tab.

  2. In the ‘My Questions’ page, click on ‘Add Question’ and select ‘Checkbox Question’ from the drop down and then provide the topic name.

  3. On the question page, type in the question text and the following options. The first two options are checked as default.

  4. Kindly check all the right answers and then assign the relevant difficulty level.

  5. We also have an option of awarding partial marks to each of the options. To enable this, Check the ‘Award Partial Marks’ and  assign the respective weightage from 0 to 100.

  6. There is an option of Maximum answer selection for partial marking. To enable this, check Award Partial Marks’ and assign weightage then on top right of the window you will get the option to select Maximum Answer selection.  This feature help to restrict the candidate to choose all option or more than the required number of options.

    Please refer the below GIF for details;