Step 1:  Open the URL  to create a new account on Mettl Platform.

Step 2:  Click on “Try For Free ”.

Step 3:  Enter detail in the fields to set the credentials for your account.

Step 4:  Click on “Get Started”.

Step 5: You will be re-directed to confirmation Page. 

Step 6: Login to email account mentioned in Step 3.

Step 7: Check for email from with the subject line “Verify your account on Mettl”.

Step 8: Click on “Activate Account” button available in the email or copy and paste the URL given in   your browser.

Step 9: Please enter password (need to enter same password as set in Step 3) and Click on “Login”.

Step 10: Congratulation’s, you are ready to use Mettl platform. 

Step 11: To verify the personal details updated in Step3. Click on “Account Settings” ->” Account”-> “Details”.


  • To modify the details, feel free to get in touch with the Your Account Manager at Mettl or Drop us an email on with the complete details to be modified.

  • URL to login to your Mettl account: .