Resume Candidate’s Test :

A switch symbol would come in front of those candidates whose test got expired. By Expired we mean the candidates who did not finish the test by clicking on “Finish Test” button, but either closed the test window by mistake, or faced a power cut / internet failure, due to which their test(s) got automatically submitted after 30 mins of closing the test. In such cases, if you wish to allow the candidate to resume his/her test from the point he left it at (after 30 minutes), then -

1. Log in into your account.

2. Select the test which candidates are giving or have given.

3. Click on Test Takers by moving the cursor on the test.

4. Now you can see all the candidates there who has given the test.

5. The switch symbol showing that candidates whose test got Expired without clicking on Finish Test tab.

6. You can also filter the candidates whose test got expired by selecting the Expired Candidates Filter from the drop down showing below of Results Distribution Curve.

7. After selecting Expired Candidates drop down, you can see all the candidates whose test got expired.

8. Now, you can select the candidates whom you want to give the permission of Resume their test.

9. After clicking on Allow Resume, a notification will send to the candidate, from where he can resume his/her test.

10. The candidate(s) who are given the permission for resume, the switch for them would turn Black.

Lastly, ask the candidate to use the same Login Credentials to resume their test from the same point he left it at.