Test links help you to customize the manner in which an online test is taken by candidate(s). In earlier version of Mettl, Test links were known as Schedules.

To create a new test link: 

1. Hover your cursor on the test paper and click on “Test Link(s)”.

2. Click on the edit button along with the Test Link and type in a name for your schedule.

3. To choose the time duration for which your schedule is active:

a. Select “Any time” to keep the schedule accessible at any time.

b. To customize the time duration:

i) Specify the Date and Time between which the schedule will be accessible (after which it will be automatically deactivated by the system).

ii) Check “Slot-wise” and select date and Time duration for which the schedule will be active.

4. To change browsing tolerance (maximum number of times the candidate is allowed to navigate away from the test window) Click “Warnings”.

a. Select the number of warnings shown to the test taker, if they navigate away from the test window during the test.

b. Select “not applicable” if you do not want any warning to be shown to the test taker (mostly useful in case of open book test).

c. Check “show warnings remaining” if you want to show remaining warnings to the candidates.

5. Enable “Webcam proctoring” if you want to see the live feed of the test takers during the test (any test taker who tries to take the test without a webcam, will not be allowed to start a test).

6. Click “Restrictions” if you want your test access to be allowed to a certain range of IP’s and specify the range of IP addresses.

7. Copy the test link mentioned in “Link to share” text box and share it with anyone you want to take the test.

8. Check “Private access only” to make the link accessible to particular candidates and then:

a. Select “Add candidate” text box:

i) Type in the details of the candidates you want to take the test and click “Done”.

ii) Click “Import from candidate groups” and select the candidate group you want to take the test and click “Import candidates”.

b. Check “send email notification” to send an email invitation to the added candidates.

c. Click on the “Share link” to share the link with the candidates by an email.

9. Click “Pause access” if you want to discontinue the test access.

10. If required, click “Generate another link” for the same test and type in a name to this link and follow the same procedure.