Lock Test Window is basically the Browsing Tolerance of the test, where-in a candidate is not allowed to navigate to any other window, once he/she starts taking the assessment. This ensures minimal instances of a candidate to fetch/cheat by searching the answers over the internet.
In earlier versions of Mettl, Browsing Tolerance was called Web Proctoring.

Webcam Proctoring (was called Image Proctoring initially), enables you to prevent candidate cheating by monitoring LIVE video and web feeds of the candidate.

To enable Webcam Proctoring / To set Browsing Tolerance-

1. Click on Create new test button to create an assessment, or click on Test Link(s), and then click on Generate Another Link to create a new test link (in-case an assessment is already created).

2. Provide a test link name for the assessment.

3. To set Browsing Tolerance,

  1. Click on Not applicable to change it's value. Select the limit for which a candidate is allowed to navigate to other window, apart from the main test window.

  2. A check-box with the text "Show warnings remaining" appears. Enabling this check-box allows the candidate to know the number of times he is allowed to navigate to other window tabs. The candidate will be shown warning messages to not navigate away to other window tabs.

    3. However, once the candidate exceeds this limit, the test window closes automatically, thereby, disabling the candidate to take the test.

4. To enable webcam proctoring-

  1. Click on disabled in front of the Webcam proctoring to enable it.

On candidate's side: A message prompt appears, asking the candidate's approval to enable the webcam for image proctoring when he starts the test. Once approved, only then the candidate is allowed to take the test.

  • I have selected Image Proctoring. Why is my test not starting?

In-case of Image proctoring, if a candidate does not permit the access to use the webcam, he/she will not be allowed to take the test, until the permission is granted. So, in such cases, please start the test again, and enable the use of webcam when the message prompt comes up. 

  • What happens to my test, if the test is "proctored-finished"? 

If a candidate navigating to any other window exceeds the maximum permissible limit, the test will be saved till the last answer provided by the candidate, and then the test will automatically end. The candidate will not be allowed to finish the remaining test again.