To create a question in MCQ Format:

1.  In your account, click on My Questions tab.

2.  Then click on Add Question tab on top right side.

3.  From the scroll-down, select the Question Type ( i.e. MCQ) & Topic Name.

4.  In the screen that opens, fill the desired values and question text, and mark the correct answer with the desired marks you wish to award to it. Then, click on the        'SAVE' button.

What if I get an error when I click on SAVE Button?

An error prompt usually crops up when none of the options are graded for a correct answer for MCQ Questions. Under such circumstances, re-assess the options and provide marks to the correct grade, and then click on Save again.

For Edit, Delete & Duplicate Questions :

In order to edit/delete/duplicate a question, click on Edit/Delete/Duplicate button and perform the required action.