Questions containing images/audio/video questions:


To add images to your questions or answer choices,

1. Go to My Questions and click on Add Question.

2. Select Question Type and specify Topic. Let's choose basic Multiple Choice Question as the question type.

3. Now to add images to your question detail, click on question text , the formatting tool will open up.

4. Click on media button. To add image, choose:



    • Upload file: Select this option if you want to upload the image/audio/video file from your system.
    • URL (Link external image file): Select this option in case you want to use a file hosted on a public file hosting site.

    3. To add images to your answer choices, click on answer choices and click on Media buttton in the formatting tool.

    4. Follow the instructions in Step 4 to add your image.

    5. Once done with adding the question information, click on Save Question to save your question.



    Add Code Snippet in Questions

    In case your question or answer choices contain a piece of code, you need to enclose the code in the following tags:

    <snippet lang="language code"> 

    //your code


    You can refer to the following table for the 'language code' :

    Programming Language Language Code
    HTML html
    SQL, PL/SQL sql
    Java java
    C/C++ clang
    C# csharp
    JavaScript javascript
    PHP php

    For your reference, see snapshots below, of code snippets being added in a code question, and how they are rendered on the front end.


    • In the question text dump, the code snippet is added as -


    • This question is rendered as following on the front end -