Mettl allows you to restrict access to certain features in your account for specific users with the help of role-based access.

This feature allows you to define roles & associate only a limited set of permissions with each role

These roles can then be assigned to specific users & each user can access the features associated with his role only.

To use this feature:

1. Click on 'Account Settings' at the top right corner and choose “Global Settings” from the drop down.

2. Click on the “Users & Roles” option.

3. Click on “Manage Roles” .

4. To add a new role click on “Add Role”.

5. To define a role:
    • Add a "Role Name" & "Role Description".
    • Select the functions that you would like to be available in that particular roleFor example, if you intend to assign the responsibility of managing your assessments to a particular user but do not wish to allow the user to access the content or results in your account, you can create a role which doesn’t have any permissions except the assessment permissions available.

    6. Once your role is defined, click on “
    Save Role” to save your settings. The role you created now starts appearing in your account.

    7. To create a copy of the role, use the “Copy” button. Similarly, to modify a role, click the “Edit” button.

    8. To invite users for the roles defined in your account, click the “Invite User” button.

    9. Enter the name & email address of the user you would like to invite & select the relevant role from the list of roles available. Now click on invite to invite the user. The user will receive an email invitation, containing the username & password that can be used to login to the account.

    10. You can modify the role assigned to a particular user by selecting the role you would like to assign, from the list of available roles, & then clicking on update.